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GMFA is a Certification Academy located in California. GMFA is created by Guru Mann who is a highly educated and certified fitness expert with 19 years of experience. His vision is to see Indians get healthy. His YouTube channel "GuruMannFitness" and "HealthAndFitness" are the fastest growing Fitness channels in India around 1,000,000 Subscribers. He started certification academy to educate and train people living in India so they can join GMFA for Mission India Fit goal. Guru Mann is a one-man show now. 
He is growing and he needs people to join his team. Let’s make that everyone’s mission. Let’s all work together and make India healthy. He is sharing information about personal training and nutrition because he wants people to have the "right" knowledge about exercises and nutrition to make healthy choices.

You will learn about     Human Muscle Anatomy     How to customize plans     How to make workout plans     How to start fitness career      How to start your business
GMFA provides two online certifications and training:
    Certified Personal Trainer - CPT
    Certified Nutrition Consultant - CNC
$155.00 (USD)
$155.00 (USD)
C  E  R  T  I  F  I  C  A  T  I  O  N
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1.What classes does GMFA offer?
GMFA offers two classes, Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and Certified Nutrition Consultant (CNC).

2.What is the difference between CPT and CNC?
CPT: Personal Trainer works with a client to plan exercise regimen based on their individual goals. 
CNC: Nutrition Consultant designs diet plan to support individual goals.

3.What is the eligibility to get certified?
You must be 18 and over. There is no bachelor degree required.

4.How long is the course?
The course is four weeks long. We will be having new batch every month.

5.What is time of the class?
CPT class is on Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 9am IST.
CNC class is on Saturday from 10pm to 11pm IST.

6.How can I attend the course?
The course is online. You must have a computer to attend the course.

7.What is the fee of this course?
CPT course is $99.00
CNC course is $99.00
BOTH: $195.00 

8.How do I pay?
You can pay through Credit Card / Debit Card or  PayPal account.

9. How would these classes benefit me?
You will be a part of Mission India Fit and join Guru Mann’s team. You are learning from the expert Guru Mann and can help spread the knowledge. You will learn how to make workout plans based on individual goals and how to customize plans for weight loss/muscle building. The only way to offset the scary rise in obesity and health care spending is preventative care, and there's no better preventative care than exercise and nutrition. Don’t let others with no certification tell you how to workout and what to eat. Make it your life, educate yourself, help others with the right knowledge and make a difference!

Please Note: GMFA certifications do not have any national or international affiliation.

11. How will these classes help me with my career?
Consider these classes a kick-start to your career. Both classes will cover what it takes to improve performance in general. This knowledge can later be applied to any sport requiring an improvement in physical fitness. This certification does not allow you to go and train others in the gym but you can definitely help yourself, your family and friends with their diet plans and work out routine. 

12.How is GMFA certification is different from others?
GMFA is vey different. Other classes provide you with notes to self study and take the exam. There is no LIVE instructor while with GMFA Guru Mann will be teaching the class. When you register for a class, recognize that Guru Mann who is an expert has taken the time to consider the methodology, gather all appropriate research, and combine it together into a system for learning. Simply going through the process of learning the system, and being able to pass a test proving as much, gives you a foothold in an industry that is suffering from information overload.​

13.How do I take the exam?
After finishing the course, there will be a link sent to your email and you will take the exam online. 

13.What is the minimum percentage to clear the test?
The minimum percentage to pass the exam is 70%. 

14.What if I fail the test?
If you fail the test first time, you will have two more chances to pass the exam.

15.What if I fail three times?
If you fail the exam three times, you will have to retake the class. There will be no additional charge to retake the class. 

16.After passing my exam how soon can I get the certification?
You will get the certification in your email within a week. Also, your name will be listed on Guru Mann’s website and other GMFA social platforms.

17.What is Guru Mann’s vision behind GMFA certification?
Guru Mann is a one-man show now. His vision is to see Indians get healthy. He is growing and he needs people to join his team and spread the knowledge. Let’s make that everyone’s mission. Let’s all work together and make India healthy. He is sharing information about personal training and nutrition because he wants people to have the right knowledge about exercises and nutrition to make healthy choices.
                                    STEP 1
REGISTER YOURSELF: Fill out the registration form and hit submit. 

                                    STEP 2
MAKE PAYMENT: Once you register yourself, you will get an email with from us. Pay fee though Debit/Credit/PayPal save your seat.

                                    STEP 3
JOIN THE COURSE: Once you paid for the course you will get another email "How to attend course online" follow the instruction and enjoy the classes.

                                    STEP 4
APPEAR FOR THE TEST: After completion of the course, do revision for a week then we will send you the test link which you have to do it online.

                                    STEP 5
GET CERTIFICATION: Once you pass the exam, you will be Certified. You will get a Certification from GMFA.

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Certified Nutrition Consultant - CNC
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July 29th
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Certified Personal Trainer - CPT

NOTE: Timing based on IST - Indian Standard Time.  Every month new training batch.
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$99.00 (USD)
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